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Apollo International Corp.

APOLLO INTERNATIONAL is a leading manufacturer, distributor and supplier of cargo hose, stainless steel hose and industrial hose; tank cleaning equipment; expansion joints; packing and gasket materials; and fire safety items. Our Sealing division is dedicated in supplying the finest in compressed non-Fiber gasket material.

1/8" thick compoundedChemical Transfer Fabricated Corrugated Assemblies 

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Address: USA, NEW YORK, 10310 1566 Richmond Terrace

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Metal Hose with End Fitting
Annuflex is the foundation of Apollo's extensive line of annular hydroformed products. The hydroforming process produces a hose with minimal residual stress, uniform wall thickness throughout the corrugations, and minimal work hardening.
Fabricated Corrugated Assemblies
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Tank cleaning hose
Hot salt water at 70-80° C
Caustics 15-20 %
Phosphoric Acid 10-15 %
Aromatics 1-2 %
Toluene, Xylene, Benzene)

Multiple plies of strong, flexible reinforcement to handle working pressure and minimum burst pressure. Resilient to mildew and rot.
1/8" thick compounded
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Chemical Transfer

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